Saturday, June 12, 2010

Trevor's End of the Year Awards

Trevor has had a great year. He achieved so much as a 5th grader. Here are some of his great accomplishments this year:

Undefeated Varsity Football Team

1st Place in Science Fair

1st Place at D.I. Regional Finals

1st Place at D.I. State Finals

Tennessee Trip to compete at D.I.Globals

Add all of those accomplishments to his academic endeavors and you have one very well rounded boy. Trevor finished the year with a bang. He received his Block R award for keeping good grades and for participating in so many extra curricular activities. He was recognized in front of the whole school at a fancy schmancy program as his teacher said lots of nice things about him:

It took a LOT of work to earn this award. He had to maintain an above B average for his grades while he participated in, choir, band, D.I., cub scouts, the drama production, science fair, football, volleyball, giving service at school, and in qualifying as a character counts citizenship student at school. I'm telling you, this boy was BUSY this year!


The final academic awards ceremony of the year happened this week. Trevor was honored 3 times!! His first award was for High Honor Roll. This accomplishment alone, has so much value. Trevor has finally learned how to get good grades. He was self motivated this year more than any other year before. He was so good about getting his homework done all by himself and being responsible for any and all class assignments. This attitude is a far cry for where we were just a year ago - every afternoon, at the table, both of us pulling our hair out from homework frustration, and after all that still not getting the best grades. And now here he is. All grown up. Being responsible for himself and his grades. Boy, what a difference when he cares!

This final video is of Trevor's 2nd award - receiving his medal for reading. The library gives out awards at the end of the year to all the readers that go above and beyond what is required of them. Trevor was the 3rd highest reader in his class. The reading program is called AR (Accelerated Reader) and students accrue points as they take tests on the computer after reading each book. Trevor earned many of his points from reading the Harry Potter books this year. He was on fire with reading!

Trevor' 3rd award was for perfect attendance for the entire year! This boy didn't miss one day of school! WOW. I don't know how he does it, but this kid never gets sick.

We are so proud of Trevor for putting himself out there and trying new things. 5th grade was a great year!

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