Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cub scout SPORTS day camp

Cub Scout Day camp happened the week after school got out. It is always a highlight for our boys - they LOVE day camp! We were fortunate that camp was located so close to home this year. It was just down the street at our kids' elementary school. This location was fabulous for us and saved us an hour of travel time compared to years past.

The theme for this year's camp was "All American - Sports". The boys enjoyed some awesome opening and closing ceremonies patterned after the Olympics. All of the teams paraded around the amphitheater to light the eternal flame (pictured below) and proudly waved their team flags.

The boys were divided into "teams" as they made their way from station to station. At each station they earned a pin to collect and display on their bright yellow hats. These pins were a hit! Trevor and Logan were so stoked to show off their collections at the end of each day (now those hats have a place of importance pinned up on the walls in the boys' room).

Logan's team was quite enamored with the Lakers (seeing as the last few NBA basketball championship games were being played this week). They (the basketball team) would become the champions - there was no doubt of this. So, naturally, Logan and his boys decided to name themselves the Lakers as well. Here are some great shots of Logan and some teammates on the last day of camp during the final Olympic Games.

Sammy & Logan doing the wheelbarrow races, and Logan with his other buddy Carter

Who do we appreciate?!
Lakers! Lakers!
GOOOO Lakers!"

Trevor's team named themselves the "Fireballs". Their team cheer was quite awesome - they yelled it loud and proud as they made their way through the camp each day:

"We. Are. The. FIREBALLS!
Yes, we are the best!
We are the Fireballs! - What?!
Yes, we are the best!
We are the Fireballs! - You know!"

I loved watching this team strut their stuff around camp. They are the big boys on campus this year. The old men. The seniors. They are the oldest and the coolest and they knew it. They had the most confident air about them - even as they did their girly cheerleader cheer they didn't care what anyone thought about them. They knew they were awesome and that was all that mattered.

Sadly, this year was Trevor's last. He'll be a big bad 11 year old scout next summer - no more day camp for him.

Trevor and Logan had a blast with the sports theme this year. They played flag football, kickball, swimming, archery, played on the water slides, bounced in the bounce house, crafted catapults from wood, played marbles (with Sis. Davey!), Rocked out to music (with mom! Watch for another blog post on that), raised the flag, earned tons of "dingle dangles", enjoyed buying items from the snack shack each day. and performed skits in front of the entire crowd. These boys did it all this week and enjoyed every minute of it.

Special thanks to Michelle and Nadine for herding our kids around every day all day in the heat. You guys are the best!

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