Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lizzie says good-bye to Kindergarten

Lizzie and her class prepared for months to be ready for this end of the year program. She tried her best to keep the songs a secret from us at home so her program would be a big surprise. Lizzie just couldn't contain her enthusiasm - she sang those songs every day, she knew them backwards and forwards, and so did we!

The program was held in the cafeteria. That room was packed! There were wall to wall parents in that place. The kids looked so nice in their nice outfits, "nice, but not too fancy" as per the teacher's instructions.

I got 3 of her songs on film. The 3rd one was done at home with her BFF from school. My favorite part is when Benny holds his sign upside down - so cute! Pay close attention and you'll see that Lizzie knows every word to EVERY song! This girl LOVES to sing!

After the program the kindergarten teachers had arranged a reception in the kindergarten play area. It was complete with goodies, juice boxes, parents and friends. We took the opportunity to snap a few pictures:

The STAR of the show,

her adoring fans,

the most awesomest kindergarten teacher ever,

and some of Lizzie's kindergarten buddies.

Lizzie had a great kindergarten year. She had the best teacher and made lots of new friends. She excelled in her academics, loved learning, and loved going to school each day. She earned straight "C's" on her report card (C for completed). She finished out the year at reading level 4. And is ready for first grade! Lizzie can't wait to stay longer days at school and eat lunch in the cafeteria. It's the little things in life that make it so exciting to be a kid. :)


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