Monday, June 14, 2010

Baby Gaby's Blessing Day

Last Sunday, on our trip down to the Central Coast, we got to see baby Gaby's blessing. This event was the entire reason for our trip (and a great excuse to have some fun while we were down there!)

Almost all of Kelly and Julio's sides of the family were there. It was like their wedding reception all over again! The person conducting the meeting even commented, "Due to the blessing of baby Gaby, Kelly & Julio's family have doubled the size of our congregation." And he was right! We took up the entire overflow area and then the back curtain had to be opened into the cultural hall to make more room!

I counted 11 people in the circle for the blessing. That's a lot of love right there. Julio pronounced a lovely blessing on his baby girl #2 and she never made a peep. That's saying something for Ms. Gaby!

She is a beautiful baby and a sweet new addition to the family. Kelly and Julio make some fine-lookin' babies! We were so happy to be there for Gaby's special day.

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