Friday, November 23, 2007

Bowling Before Turkey

As a tradition, the Ward family and friends go bowling the week before Thanksgiving. The kids talk about it all year and have a great time every time we go.

Each year our group just about puts the employees in the looney bin with all the kids running around, dropping balls, running down the lanes, etc. I am always shocked that there are no major injuries with the number of seven and eight pounds bowling balls being dropped on the floor. Usually the night begins with the kids being very interested in bowling with a fixation on the ball return. Of course the bumpers are put up on the lanes for the kids. That transitions into more general mayhem with little bodies running all over the place. We have usually worn out our welcome by the time we finish our first game, which is usually about the right amount of time for our group. This night of bowling usually constitutes my only bowling experience of the year. Because of this, the kids with their bumpers usually score higher then Jennifer and I, embarrassing I know. They love to rub that fact in our faces the rest of the night.

The night always ends with Pizza. The general mayhem that exists at the bowling alley carries over to the pizza parlor until the pizza arrives and the calm ensues. Ahhh peace and pizza.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Snowman Song

"Snowman" must be sung at each Family Home Evening in the Ward home. No lesson or other activity can take place until "Snowman" is complete, even in August when its 100 degrees outside. As you will see, the only ones doing any of the singing are Jennifer and I, the kids just love falling all over the place. Pay close attention to Trevor as he gives a little peace out to his homies at the end. Before anyone asks, no, Logan does not wear glasses, he bought those at the dollar store. Apparently he prefers the more studious look.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bulldog Basketball - our 1st game of the season

Jeremy's brother, Matt, scored 4 free tickets to the Fresno State Basketball game last night. The Bulldogs vs. Fresno Pacific Sunbirds. My mom, Grandma Elizabeth, came over and took the kids out to dinner and then offered to babysit while we went to the game. Man she's awesome! We got there late and left early, but still had plenty of time to enjoy the game and the people watching (I mostly watch the people - they are infinitely more fascinating than watching boys throw a ball around!)

Here we are pretending we're on the
"Kiss Cam".

This is Matt and Aimee (I guess I should've asked them before I posted their cute faces on the internet... oops! You guys don't mind, right?)

So Aimee has declared that Hector Hernandez #21 is my special buddy - my "boyfriend" as she calls him. We all have to have a favorite player and he gets to be mine. That's him below. He did a very nice job last night scoring lots of 3 pointers just for me! Or maybe those were for the team?
Aimee was still undecided on her favorite player she was debating between 2 guys. Who's your favorite?

So I'm pretty sure they won - we left when the Bulldogs had a pretty good lead. Ok. I'll check their website and find out for sure.

Thanks, Matt and mom for a fun free date night! said the final score was 87-68. Go Dogs.