Sunday, March 18, 2007

First Swim of the Season

A warm day for a cold dip

So the kids have been asking for weeks now to go swimming. Last Monday, we finally gave in. The pool was a very warm 61 degrees. All the cousins jumped in, some with the help of Benny, but none stayed to "enjoy" the water for long. Top picture: Sammy, Logan and Trevor try to warm up. Next: Logan takes the plunge. Next: Lizzie decides this ain't for little girls. Last: Trevor goes for another frigid jump.

Kaliegh Goes for a Dip

The Ward Boys Reach the Pinnacle

Trevor and Logan came along with me on my scout outing this weekend to Pinnacles National Monument. We got to sleep at the San Benito County fairgrounds and go on a very cool cave hike the following day. The Bear Gulch Cave trail takes you up through a large section of caves opening up to large rooms at times and gets so small you have to crawl on your hands and knees at others. Trevor loved the cool waterfalls that cascaded down the walls of the caves and made a very interesting sound. It was a warm day so the coolness of the cave was very welcome. This was Trevor and Logan's first trip to Pinnacles and based upon their enjoyment, probably not their last.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Jackson's Nudie Booty

Jennifer decided to snap some shots of Jackson in his birthday suit on his eleventh month birth day. As you can see, Jackson loves to be naked! We would let him roam around a little more in the buff if we didn't have to worry about cleaning up any presents. Jennifer and I are waiting for his eyes to begin to darken like the rest of his siblings. We sure love the blue eyes though.

Logan the Scholar

Logan received the principals award and the 123 award this week in his kindergarten class. Mom and Dad were so proud! Once all of the students received their awards, Logan was able to get a great congratulatory hug from Mom and Dad. Logan had to read a book to the principal and know and write his numbers forwards and backwards to earn the awards.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Jackson finds a new home...

Jackson decided to take advantage of some empty space in our cabinets by climbing in all by himself. Of course the smiles quickly turned to frowns when he couldn't sit up straight.

A Day at the Park

A beautiful day at the park on one of our Monday's off in February. Trevor and Jacob taking a moment from playing "battle" with everyone at the park.Here's Logan recovering after jumping off the top of the slide. Lizzie get's stuck about half way up the swivel pole.

Family Bike Ride

The whole family went for a bike ride on our Monday off. Our ride ended up at the corner gas station for some treats. This is one of Jennifer's favorite pics.

Lizzie's Bday!

Lizzie blows out the candles on her princess cake at her 3rd birthday party. Jennifer and I spent a lot of time working on that cake. Sammy really wanted to get a good puff on the candles as well, but Lizzie boxed him out. Lizzie the "Hollywood princess". Lizzie got a lot of princess dress up presents, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Winter Break at the Beach

Trevor trying to keep dry under the pier at Pismo. (January 2007)

Logan and Emma chasing the birds into the sunset at Pismo Beach. (January/2007)