Monday, May 21, 2007

Six Years Old!

Logan turns six on Tuesday (5/22) but we celebrated his birthday with Emma, Benny, and Grandma Ward, who were also have birthdays this month, on Sunday. Logan was very excited about all the cool Avatar, Star Wars and Spider Man presents he received. Of course the thing that Logan was most excited about was his french fry cake. It is bizarre to many people (including his parents) that Logan does not like to eat or drink anything sweet, so a french fry cake is just the thing for our protein boy on his birthday.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Julio gets initiated into the Ward Family

Fun at the Father and Son's

This past weekend Trevor, Logan and I attended the annual father and son's. Grandpa Doug told his famous campfire stories, the same stories he told when I went to the father and son's outings as a boy. I have to admit that I still enjoy hearing about the ruthless killer bear named Crusher and my personal favorite, Forbidden Forest. The weather was nice, but not quite cool enough for sleeping bags. As a result, I woke up at 2:00 in the morning with two stinky sweaty boys next to me. After "encouraging" Logan to get off of the inflatable mattress, I slept much better. The young men were in charge of breakfast, so I spent the better part of the morning cooking sausages and pancakes on my griddle. Trevor and Logan enjoyed an intense water balloon fight against some of the older boys after breakfast. Next it was off to the lake for a ride in three seater while being "pulled around the lake" by Grandpa Doug. There were some wave runners there as well which were a blast to ride. Wave runners today have become much more powerful than the ones we had and used when I was in high school. We were all exhausted by the time we got home, signifying a great father and son's outing.

Friday, May 11, 2007

We're Pumped!

Party time at Pump it Up! Logan and Maddy celebrated their birthdays together along with the rest of their kindergarten class on Thursday. There was a good size group of kids hanging out and having a great time in all the blown up madness. Logan was of course very excited because he scored some sweet presents. After a hour and a half of intense playing the kids looked like they just ran 3 miles, all sweaty and exhausted. The kids slept well that night to say the least.

The Dad's were having as much fun, if not more, then the kids playing in the bounce house's and blown up obstacle courses. One boy said to another little girl, "man they're heavy"about Matt and I. A parent referred to the blown up basketball court as a "death trap" as Matt and I were squaring off in a intense game of one on one. I like to think that the only thing deadly about it was my sick basketball moves, and Matt's toxic pits.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Ahhhh Yosemite

We made our annual spring trip to Yosemite this past weekend. Friday night was extremely chilly with temperatures in the high 30's. We went to the lodge at Curry Village to warm up our insides with a cup of hot coco Saturday morning and waited for the sun to do the same outside. Once we thawed out, we geared up and set out to see the falls. We caught the shuttle from Curry Village to Yosemite Falls stop and made the short 1/4 mile hike to the bottom of Lower Yosemite Falls.

A Lighter snow pack this year made for water falls that are not as raging as in years past but still very impressive. We brought lunch with us and enjoyed the falls for awhile before heading back tot the bus stop. Back at Curry Village we grabbed our bikes and went for a ride around the park. We took a break long enough to snap a shot of the kids on the Sentinel Bridge with a great view of Half Dome in the background. Lizzy and Jackson crashed along the way. It was peace and quite on the way home in the car as all the kids were sleeping. Jennifer and I talked while driving home about how much work a family trip can be, not to mention the usual sleepless night that accompanies it, but is still totally worth it.

Beautiful Yosemite

The Ward's at the Falls