Friday, May 11, 2007

We're Pumped!

Party time at Pump it Up! Logan and Maddy celebrated their birthdays together along with the rest of their kindergarten class on Thursday. There was a good size group of kids hanging out and having a great time in all the blown up madness. Logan was of course very excited because he scored some sweet presents. After a hour and a half of intense playing the kids looked like they just ran 3 miles, all sweaty and exhausted. The kids slept well that night to say the least.

The Dad's were having as much fun, if not more, then the kids playing in the bounce house's and blown up obstacle courses. One boy said to another little girl, "man they're heavy"about Matt and I. A parent referred to the blown up basketball court as a "death trap" as Matt and I were squaring off in a intense game of one on one. I like to think that the only thing deadly about it was my sick basketball moves, and Matt's toxic pits.

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