Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bulldog Basketball - our 1st game of the season

Jeremy's brother, Matt, scored 4 free tickets to the Fresno State Basketball game last night. The Bulldogs vs. Fresno Pacific Sunbirds. My mom, Grandma Elizabeth, came over and took the kids out to dinner and then offered to babysit while we went to the game. Man she's awesome! We got there late and left early, but still had plenty of time to enjoy the game and the people watching (I mostly watch the people - they are infinitely more fascinating than watching boys throw a ball around!)

Here we are pretending we're on the
"Kiss Cam".

This is Matt and Aimee (I guess I should've asked them before I posted their cute faces on the internet... oops! You guys don't mind, right?)

So Aimee has declared that Hector Hernandez #21 is my special buddy - my "boyfriend" as she calls him. We all have to have a favorite player and he gets to be mine. That's him below. He did a very nice job last night scoring lots of 3 pointers just for me! Or maybe those were for the team?
Aimee was still undecided on her favorite player she was debating between 2 guys. Who's your favorite?

So I'm pretty sure they won - we left when the Bulldogs had a pretty good lead. Ok. I'll check their website and find out for sure.

Thanks, Matt and mom for a fun free date night! said the final score was 87-68. Go Dogs.

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Stef said...

Your family is so adorable. And I agree with you Jen...people watching over watching boys toss balls in the air is the way to go. Hope all is well.

Stef Adams