Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Oh, What do YOU do in the summertime?"

Summer is quickly approaching and our activity idea list is hum drum BOR-RING same as every year. We need to spice things up a bit.

We want your tips for:

-keeping the house clean/bribes/rewards,
-places to go,
-crafts to create,
-imagination escapdes to pursue,
-pool games, board games, in-door/out-door games,
-good books to read
-bike trails,
-local/community events,
-kid-friendly recipes,
-night-time adventures too!

Please share ideas - big or small - so we can begin to create our summer fun itinerary!


kelly said...

You have a pool, so nice. We will be going to the water park, to my mom's pool. Hopefully the free movies a few times. I love the King's Canyon Mist Falls hike, especially this time of year, like right now. Maybe zoo in the morning. I want to wear my kids out and then bring them home and hopefully they'll want to read or watch a movie and not destroy the house.

Amy said...

First of all, you need to get passes for wild water. Second of all, check out this blog for some ideas on summer fun. I only wish I had some older kids to do them with! (but not really :D)

Michelle said... plan is to go for my run, come home, make the kids breakfast, have scripture study, and then clean one room of the house together. After that, I plan to have a different afternoon activity for every day...crafts, free movies (though those are in the morning), swim (you don't mind if we just show up at your pool, do you?). Also, I plan on enforcing some quiet time when they will read books that we've gotten from the library. There's all those library activities kids like the animal and magic guys. A few day trips will definitely be happening the Jelly Belly Factory, the beach, probably Yosemite, Kings Canyon....we will NOT be sitting around getting bored, that's for sure! Join us any time!