Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bonfire @ the beach

Our weekend away at the coast had many events all smooshed into our 24 hours we were there. One of the favorite activities was the bonfire @ Avila Beach. After a full day of fun in the Hot hot sun we headed down the road to the bonfire spot. We cooked the entire meal over the fire.

#1 roasted weenies

#2 roasted corn in a can (this was delicious!)
*see recipe below

*Here is the recipe for all of you skeptics:

Corn in a Trash Can

1 brand new/clean metal trash can
fresh husked corn
sea water

Optional toppings:
salt & pepper
chili powder
Parmesan cheese

Fill can with enough sea water to cover the amount of corn you wish to cook. Place can over hot coals. Bring water to a rolling boil. Add corn and cook for 5 minutes. Remove can from heat and serve.

The sea water salted the corn perfectly. The flavor was perfect with or without any of the fancy toppings Kelly brought for us to try. I have to admit that the chili powder was quite tasty and a new alternative to our same ol' boring butter, salt, pepper routine.

#3 And for dessert... smores!!
The coals were just right for marshmallow roasting after we finished with the hot dogs - the flame was gone and the embers were glowing red hot. Then, an adult (who will go unnamed - *cough, cough*) threw all of the leftover wood onto the fire! Note Lizzie's stance away from the fire. FAR far away from the fire. None of the kids could get close enough to properly roast their marshmallows. Oh well. Live and learn.

The kids did love watching the big tall flames that put off enough light to illuminate the beach all the way down to the water. There's something about fire that is so magical and brings out the kid in all of us. It was a fun way to end our day at the beach.

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haley said...

What a great idea for corn, we'll have to try that! I have a great dessert idea if you're ever interested. Dough kids go crazy! It's so funny, you and Jeremy showed up in my dream last night, I know, random! You were at a BBQ we were at! Crazy, you must have been on my subconcious mind lately:)