Thursday, June 10, 2010

You know you're part of the family when...

... your get your bum pinched by the kids!

We took a short overnight trip down to the Central Coast this weekend. Our very first stop as we pulled into town was my FAVORITE Pismo eatery - The Splash Cafe! You will recognize these wall murals if you've ever been there. The kids thought it would be fun to make some silly poses while we waited outside.

Splash Cafe has made a mark on our lives forever. We've had some of our greatest dining moments in this restaurant and we truly feel like we own the place when we visit. Maybe it's because this place represents vacation, full bellies, and relaxing times - who knows. Anyway, we love it and we consider that place a part of the family!

And if you have not been there then you need to go. Go now. Drop whatever you are doing this weekend and get out of town to the Splash Cafe for the best clam chowder you will ever have in your life!

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kelly said...

Agreed! We didn't go the last time we were in Pismo, it was Spring Break and the line was down the street. Sniff, Sniff.