Saturday, June 5, 2010

the end of the joy school year is here

Jackson had a great year of preschool/joyschool with his friends. These kids were his schoolmates. It was such a treat for him to go to a different friend's house each week to learn and play!

Jackson really did learn some things. He can recognize several letters and numbers and can even write a few on his own already. None of our other kids took an interest in letters and numbers like Jackson at this age. He has one more year at home before kindergarten. He'll be ready when that day finally arrives!

Look at these cute kids! Don't they look like a boatload of fun just waiting to happen? There is so much energy inside each one of these little people and each with a distinct and different personality. We had so much fun together this year - it's hard to say goodbye. (Not too sad... they'll see each other every Sunday at church!)

Thank you Joy School friends (and moms for all your hard work, time, and patience)! It was a great year!

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