Friday, June 11, 2010

*HOT* Avila Beach *HOT*

We spent all day Saturday at Avila Beach. Our bellies were full of delicious Splash Cafe food and we were ready to play! It was the busiest weekend we'd ever seen at this beach! The parking lot was entirely full and the shore was equally packed. We had a theory that all the people at the beach were from the Central Valley trying to escape the heat, but unfortunately the heat came to the beach too!

We unloaded all of our gear and made our way across the sand only to discover that the sand was hotter than any sand we'd ever encountered! It was like LAVA! Jeremy and Trevor both had red blistered feet from the burns we all got from the hot hot sand. We were all sweating buckets by the time we made it to our beach spot. The temperature outside was a warm 95 degrees - that's hotter than we've had at home! As soon as we dropped all of our chairs and junk everyone made a mad dash across the hot sand to the freezing cold water.

The hot sun and hot sand made for an enjoyable time splashing in the waves and hanging out at the water's edge all day. (No one wanted to cross the lava sand anyway.) Lizzie was a boogieboarding animal! She was out there ALL day enjoying herself to pieces. Trevor, Logan, and Jackson all did their time in the frigid water, but spent most of their day playing in the wet sand.
Jackson was just happy to be with his best buds. Tyler and Sierra (or, as he calls them "Tyner and Sera").
As we left the beach for our hotel Jackson says, "Tyner go to the hotel too?!" (Because he only speaks in exclamation points.)
Mom answers, "Yes, Tyler's coming to the hotel too."
Jackson excitedly replies, "Dats ridiclous!"

Apparently Jackson does not know what ridiculous means, but we got his meaning - he was EXCITED!

Logan enjoyed some ball time with daddy towards the end of the day. He's a ball catching fool these days. Thank you baseball season for giving our boy a new hobby that he enjoys!

It was definitely the hottest beach day of our lives, but it was a great time nonetheless.

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