Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Seinfeld Valentine

This post is long overdue, but we didn't want to forget about our exciting "Valentine's Day" adventure.

Last year, back before Christmas or was it Thanksgiving? can't remember. Anyway, we decided to give each other tickets to Seinfeld as our Valentine's Day gifts this year. No other gifts were expected or required. For reals. These tix were pricey enough as it was. Yes, we'd go out to dinner, but no purchases of any kind were to be made. And we both stuck to that. Hallelujah!

So Valentine's Day came and went and we had to wait until MARCH 25th to see the show! So can we really call it a Valentine's gift? I don't think so. And here's why: because March 25th is the DAY BEFORE JEREMY'S BIRTHDAY. Oi! Why did we not just call it a bday gift to him?!

Well, no matter what kind of gift you wanna call it, we went. We went to see Jerry Seinfeld, live at the William Saroyan Theater, the day before Jeremy's birthday for Valentine's Day.

We went to dinner with some friends at a cute sushi place just near the theater and enjoyed a quick meal before the show. Mmmmm... sushi. That was a delicious start to a fun night.

Jerry was Jerry. He did his whole stand-up comic routine about nothing. Just like his TV show. He began with his bit about Fresno and raisins. "Raisins in my cereal, raisins in my muffin, chocolate covered raisins, and raisins with my raisins..." What the heck kind of hotel is he staying at that all they serve him is raisins? is what i wanna know. Of course, he shared all of his hilarious observations about marriage, children, parenthood, blackberry phones, public bathroom doors, and everything else about nothing.

Our favorite part of the evening was his Q & A session he opened up during his encore. People ask some silly questions when they are in the presence of TV royalty.

"When are you going to do a reunion Seinfeld show?!" someone yelled from the balcony.

Jerry answers with a snarky, "Didn't we just do that on Curb Your Enthusiasm?"

Hello people? Really? (Not that we watched that reunion show - it was on HBO - which we don't have, but we certainly knew it happened.)

"WE LOVE YOU JERRY!!!!" a few fans scream from the mezzanine.

"I've never heard that before," Jerry replies with a sarcastic eyebrow raise.

The last question from the audience was the one he didn't have an automatic prepared response for: "What are you doing for Passover?!" a man yelled from the floor.

Jerry stopped short and turned, "Is it Passover?" he asked with a baffled look and put a hand to his forehead. (Um, yes. Easter would happen the next weekend.) "Woops," was all he could reply.

It was a fun/funny evening. We love Seinfeld. We love Valetine's Day. And we love Jeremy's birthday. Mostly, we just love an excuse to buy tickets that we normally wouldn't buy and go out for a night on the town.

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