Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trevor's D.I. Competition

Trevor also competed at the same Destination Imagination competition as Logan on March 13th, 2010. They were not in the same category or age group so they did not compete against each other (THANK HEAVENS!).

Trevor's team was made up of all his good buddies which made for a fun group of kids that already know each other really well. Trevor's coaches were his dad, uncle, and Caleb's dad - who is also our great friend.

Their challenge was different than Logan's team in that they had to include a structure that could bear weight. They had to construct a structure made of only newspaper and glue and use it during their skit by stacking weights on top of it to see how much it could hold. And when I say weight, I mean weights - like weight lifters use on the ends of their barbells. They got their structure to hold 375 POUNDS! Yeah, a little thing made of newspaper held 375 lbs! We were all amazed that it did so well. The other teams that competed didn't come close to that - the nearest team's structure held 125 lbs. LESS than ours!

They also performed a great 6 minute skit where they reported on newsworthy stories set in London (note the cool hats). Although... no one conjured up a great British accent... hmmm.... may have to work on that for next time.

The kids had great chemistry acting out their practiced segments, using their props, and incorporating more required elements. They were naturals up there on stage! Especially our Trevor, who had the most classic line of the whole thing, "I'm goin' commando!!" (Now, we may be bias on that point because he is our son after all... but even those judges thought it was superbly entertaining as they stifled their laughter.)

The judges were bowled over by their charm, smarts, and hilarious one-liners (of course, they completed all of the required elements and scored the most points too) - and granted them FIRST PLACE in their division!

With that win comes another step of the Destination Imagination journey - State Finals. These finals are happening on April 10th. So, until then, we will revel in that glorious moment... and KEEP PRACTICING!

Enjoy a short video of the pre-competition jitters... you can almost feel their anticipation before their turn came.

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