Sunday, March 21, 2010


For the spring sports season Trevor was given the option to play baseball, volleyball, or track. He chose the only one he's never tried before - volleyball! He looks great out there in his green uniform. He's always on the ball (heh, heh... pun intended), paying attention, and in his ready stance. He has yet to get the ball over the net when he serves, but there is still time. Check out the intensity on his face when he's in server mode. He will do it!

He's played 2 games so far and has won both. Undefeated - that's how we roll (again with the ball puns). Trevor is also enjoying playing on the JV team. He gets out of school early to go to the game and then finishes before school is out - sweet! What a great set (pun pun pun).

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sueyado said...

We love volleyball at our home! Rachel didn't hit the ball over for quite awhile, but by the end, she was knocking it over every time!!! Great job Trevor and Logan!