Monday, March 22, 2010

Let's go Dodgers! Let's GO!

Logan's first ever season of baseball has begun!

His coach has the boys wear their full uniforms to all practices with the intent that they will play as a team if they look like a team all the time. And he also advised them that they didn't have to wash their uniforms between practices and games - only if they want to. This small factoid brings great relief to the laundress of our home (ME) and to Logan because he is in charge of knowing where all 10 pieces of his uniform are at all times. He can just pull off his dirty uni and throw it in his locker for next time. Awesome.

One of the 10 pieces of his uniform is a cup. Yes, a CUP. All kids (EVEN GIRLS) are required to wear a cup at all games and practices. It was quite a crack up to see all those boys walk onto the field at their first practice. Unsure. Timid. Knowing that for sure EVERYONE was staring right at the front of their pants! After the first 2 practices it finally became second nature and no big deal whatsoever. Oh, the joys of being a boy (or girl? what?).

He's playing for the Dodgers this year and has already played his first 2 games. He'll play 2 games a week until the end of the season. The most exciting play was at his last game. He hit a HOME RUN! But in the league he's playing in they are only allowed to advance 2 bases - so he didn't actually make it all the way home. It was really cool to see him actually hit the ball and run the bases. Pitter, patter, goes my heart for my little Logie Man.

That's all we have to report on Logan's baseball season thus far. I have Logan's game schedule ready to email out if you'd like to attend.

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