Friday, March 26, 2010

kids say the darndest things

Jackson: C'mere mommy. I give you big kiss. I hold your head.
He pulls me in close (by my head) and plants a good one right on my lips and doesn't let go for a solid 5 seconds. That's a long time to lock lips with a 3 year old!


Me: Jackson, is mommy a girl?
Jackson: No, you no grill. You, jus mommy, mommy.


Jackson comes in the house and pulls off his shoes he's been wearing ALL DAY LONG with NO SOCKS. The smell that wafted through the room was sickening.
Daddy: Jackson you have STINKY feet!
Jackson: (pulls his foot up to his nose, takes a big whiff and says...) No stink, daddy. They smell good!


Mommy: (while carrying Jackson to bed)Whew, Jackson. You are heavy!
Jackson: No mommy, you have big muscles!


Kristin said...

adorable memories! Hope gave me one of those long kisses the other day. It was interesting.

kelly said...

So cute! Ben is big on the long kisses too, he also holds my cheeks and sometimes there is a bit of movement to his head.....hmmm, I promise he doesn't see anything like that. I guess some boys are just born with it!