Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Irish Feast

After looking over the last 2 posts, I realize this: our lives revolve around food! GREEN food for today anyway. We've documented breakfast and lunch. Now it's time for DINNER!!

We did our own version of the traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage meal - Corn. Beef. And Cabbage.

No, nobody ate that cabbage, it was just for show, naturally.

Of course there was also some GREEN mash (those are taters and gravy to us non-Irish folk),

Some GREEN drink,

GREEN Jello,

And a rainbow of fruit with a cloud of cool whip to dip.

It was a feast indeed. We had sooo much food! Only half of everything was eaten - the rest was tupperwar-ed (yes, that's a verb) for leftovers. It was wild and crazy meal with some cooky party guests. Mama's lookin' a little frazzled for some reason? and Daddy was diggin' his new GREEN shades.

After dinner Daddy whipped up some delicious GREEN shamrock shakes for dessert. It was a sweet treat to end a sweet and tasty day. We will all rest easy tonight (hopefully!) with nice full bellies. Bellies that jiggle. Like the Jello at dinner...

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kelly said...

The food looks beautiful, and I can have the privelege of saying that it smelled good too!