Wednesday, March 3, 2010

kids say the darndest things

We are all chewing bubble gum, having a bubble blowing contest. I blow a big one and Trevor leans over and pops it!
Mom: Trevor! You burst my bubble!
Trevor: pauses for 2 seconds and says, Hey! That's an idiom!
(FYI: An idiom is a phrase that doesn't actually mean what it says. ex: "kick the bucket". Can you guess what Trevor's been learning about in school?)


Each morning Jackson gets himself dressed for the day. He pops out of his room and says, "I get my dress on!" Daddy loves it when he says that.


We're driving back from the pet store with a bag full of feeder fish. Jackson got to hold the bag in the car as a reward for "being a good boy in the store". All of a sudden there is a spraying sound. I whip around and see a huge stream of water flowing from the bag onto the seat! AH! He'd poked a hole in the bag!
Jackson: Dats an axdent, mom. A axdent.
Yeah, right. He'd tried in several places to poke a hole into the bag with his finger and finally succeeded. An "axdent"? I don't think so.


Mom: Jackson, you're going to get at time out if you spit in mommy's face again.
Jackson: No, YOU get time out!

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Rachel said...

Haha! Jennifer, your kids are so cute! Little smarties, too! This post made me laugh--several times.