Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Logan's D.I. Competition

Logan joined the Destination Imagination (D.I.) team this year. All of the kids on his team are in 3rd grade just like him and they all go to the same school. His coach was his lovely Aunt Kari. He's been practicing with his team these last several months to prepare for this competition.

They faced 2 challenges when they got to the competition. The first was the "Main Challenge". Here is Team Superstars! just before entering the Main Challenge area.

They did research and much role playing to prepare for this event. All of the elements that were to be included in their skit we read to them by the judges before they began. They had to be rescuing an endangered species (the VHS tape), forming human props (a TV, VHS & DVD player), and incorporating a surprise superpower element at some point during their presentation. Watch the video below to see their performance:

Their second challenge was the "Instant Challenge". The kids are sworn to secrecy and are forbidden to share any details of any sort about the challenge they were given. We still have no idea what happened in there. They are all very tight lipped about that portion of the competition.

They did a great job with their Main Challenge skit. So great, in fact, that they won the prestigious Da Vinci/Renaissance award for their ingenuity and creativity.

Special thanks goes out to Kari for all the time she spent working with our boy. He had a blast imagining and acting for the first time. It was a fun ride. Go Team Superstars!!

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