Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Joy School has begun!

We started Joy School 2008-2009 last Monday. This year it will be Preston and Lizzie. That's it! Only 2 kids. It will be fun, but more work than years past as Preston's mom and I will alternate teaching every other week.

Our first unit is on the letter A. "A" is for Apples! They tasted all the different apples and decided that green was the worst - it was sooo sour! Hooray for the letter A!


Maree said...

How funny--my kids LOVE the green apples best. Must be related to Auntie Aimee.

Have fun with ONLY 2!!!

kelly said...

As I sit at your house checking your blog, I'm going to leave a comment! Love your posts and your hospitality, thank you Jennifer!