Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Musical Is Finished

I just wanted to share a little more about the musical. The performances went great. The kids all stepped it up and did just like they practiced - even better than they practiced actually. The house was packed the first night and it overflowed the second. The kids were so proud of their hard work I thought they might burst from happiness.

Can I get mushy just for a moment? Yes? Thanks. I don't normally work with the youth and this was a special opportunity for me. I got to get a glimpse into the lives of teenagers during this time of turmoil in the world we live in. Life is rough. It is hard to be strong and stand for what they believe in. I know that these kids that participated in this show will be stronger and steadfast because of their efforts these last 6 weeks. They were fueled with powerful music that will be stuck with them for the rest of their lives. I like how my mom called them "Be-tunes" not itunes. This be-tune playlist will guide them through the tough times and always remind them to wear their "Armor of God".

I won't forget:
- the gum paper
- "Be steadfast and imoooo-vable..."
- Sis. Duran's paper dolls
- The Barbie movie and your "Barbie faces"
- sorry guys, it's "fast Sunday" no treats tonight
- the violin guys
- cell phones on Steadfast
- Ryan's "Look at US!"

To all my new YM/YW friends in the East Stake - I miss you already! Don't forget to Be good. Sing good. Smell good. And Look good. Love to you in all your endeavors. Here are a couple of final treats from our time together. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! does that remind me of the good ole days! i miss so much to be involved on the musicals! remember when we did that one together! this one looks great! wish i was there to see it! i saw marcia brase in that video...what did she do it in it? i havent talked to her for forever!