Saturday, October 25, 2008


Here's what I've been busy with for the past 6 weeks. MUSICAL PRACTICE. Sundays and Tuesdays or Wednesdays have been all about this project. My Aunt Suzanne was asked to be in charge of the whole thing so she got my mom to be her #1 and I also got to help out. My job was/is the Alto section. I LOVE MY ALTOS. They were the best group of kids to work with - so eager and they happily put up with all my silliness.

The show is called "Like a Mighty Army". You can see all the "army" props: shields, swords, flags... it will be a very visually stimulating show with lots of color and video of the kids. The music is all army themed with a lot of it taken from the seminary cd tracks. I love it. One of my favorites is Kelly's solo. She has the perfect voice for the part!

Now we are down to the wire with practices on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and performances on Saturday and Sunday. That's 5 nights just this week! Needless to say, the kids are getting tired. They've worked long and hard for this production and they are pooped! Notice them LAYING on the floor and trying to take a nap in the middle of rehearsal.

So come and appreciate all our hard work as we wrap things up this weekend with 2 great performances!

Saturday, October 25th
at 7:30PM
at the East Stake Center


Sunday, October 26th
at 7:30
at the East Stake Center.


Kelly said...

I wish that we could come and watch. You guys will have to tell us how it went.

Anonymous said...

we went last night. it was awesome! and fun to see you up there too!

Amy Nielson said...

It was a great musical. Everyone did such a great job! Kelly's solo was great. She has a wonderful voice.