Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Birthday Thanks & Treats

Firstly, I must clarify my feelings on turning 30. I have been more than excited for this day to finally arrive. I've waited for so long to join the 30 club! I think I've finally figured out WHY I've wanted this so badly. I guess I figured that when I turned 30 I'd finally feel like an adult, mature, a little more wise and sure of myself. And guess what... I feel exactly the same as I did 2 days ago, 2 months ago and even several years ago! So, I guess that theory has gone down the drain. But that doesn't mean that 3o won't be fabulous - because from day 1 it absolutely was!

Can I just say that I've never been more pampered in my ENTIRE LIFE?! Jeremy laid out the most extravagant plan for my big day. I won't give all the details because it may get a little overwhelming for some... including myself!

Let's just say that it was the perfect day. I didn't cook one meal. I got to do ALL my favorite things. I even got to pick out several birthday presents for myself as I followed the elaborate scavenger hunt Jeremy set up earlier in the day. What a guy.

These are my beautiful birthday flowers. Here's a picture of my BIG gift - a new stainless kitchen faucet with a retractable head! Jeremy installed it beautifully as I was out on my birthday scavenger hunt adventure. Isn't it gorgeous? And make sure to check out "Jennifer's Life in 5 Minutes" the video Jeremy made from pictures of now and then. Seriously, could I have caught myself a better man?

Here are some fun pictures and the video from the evening's "surprise party" at my favorite place to dine - Me N Eds!

Those are my freshly pedicured toenails and I don't know about you, but I think the Stoffs want us to vote YES on 8...

Thanks to everyone who came. I know how hard it is to drag kids around on a school night. It was a fun night of family and friends. Thanks to Karen for being our photographer and thanks to Stephanie for winning prizes for all the kids - you made their night! Jeremy asked later what was the best part of my day and I had to say that it was just being with you all. There is no better gift than time with loved ones.


Kristie said...

Aw man - I am turning 30 in a few months and I had your same theory about feeling like an adult, etc. I'm not pleased to hear that the big 30 does not magically transform you. haha...happy birthday anyway...

Laura Keith said...

What a fun day and a great husband! You are so blessed! No, you never feel different when you hit the 30 mark, but you do start to feel older... you're not the "young married" couple in the ward. But there are a lot of advantages too! Your kids are that much closer to being the babysitter for date night! And so much more to look forward to... love ya!