Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Grandpa's 80th Birthday Party Slideshow

Grandpa Burton turned 80 years old last month. We threw him a lovely party complete with family and friends from out of town. The Reids and Hernandez's drove up and so did Uncle Bob & Aunt Nancy. Grandpa's good friends the Boswell's also came and stayed for the evening. I didn't get pictures of everyone there, but here are some fun ones from that night. My favorite is baby Lucy's close up. Those blue eyes are to die for! And make sure to check out Grandpa's stylin' hip shirt. I love that he's sporting the Mexican guyavera.

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Kelly said...

Grandpa's shirt is one of the shirts I brought back for all the men from the Philippines. They are some good looking shirts. It was a fun night, I'm glad that we were able to come. I might have to steal some of those pictures of Lucy doing the trick, I didn't get any good ones.