Thursday, October 9, 2008

Go Freedom Fire!

Logan's first soccer game of the season was on Saturday. Unfortunately it was also the first rainy day of the season. So the ground was a little splooshy and the players got a little wet, but everyone that came had a fun time.

There's Logan in his #10 red jersey. He was an animal!

He has great coaches and great parent support for the team.

Logan played hard and had fun. Good job, Logie man.

Here are some of the cute fans:

Lizzie and Malia

Trevor and Jackson

We came in 2 cars so of course that meant only one thing for the drive home. A RACE. The rules are 1.Who ever touches the front door first wins. That's it. Ready? Go!

Here's crazy daddy as we raced home. Can you see him saying, "SUCKAHS!"

He thought he had the advantage in this shot, but did he? Um no. We beat him to the driveway.

Logan (who was in daddy's car) actually got to the front door first. So Jeremy's team won. But Lizzie (who was also in daddy's car) was not happy about that. She cried for about 20 minutes because she wanted mommy to win. That's my girl. Always on Team Girl. Good times, good times.


kelly said...

I love the pics of Jeremy, hilarious. I'm glad you have a fan, I hope Peyton always roots for me!

Kelly said...

Some of Jeremy's finer faces.

Anonymous said...

when i read that lizzie was crying, i half expected to her to be crying for herself, but i thought it was so cute that she was upset for her mommy! go team girl!

Amy said...

Is splooshy really a word? Love it!