Thursday, October 23, 2008

Boys and their Cars

Jackson and Tyler watched Disney's Cars movie I don't know how many times this weekend. They were obsessed with this show! Whenever we had to go searching for Jackson we'd always find him at Grandma's house, on the bed, right next to Tyler entranced with this show. They are both obsessed with cars in general right now. Trucks, cars, tractors... you name an automobile - they like it. Even McDonald's satisfied their car addiction by offering Hot Wheels toys in their Happy Meals. These little guys are easy to please and I like it.


Whittaker Woman said...

That is hilarious, just as I clicked this blog losiah is attempting to put on his Cars PJ's over his clothes. SO funny. H

Kristen said...

Tyler watched "Cars" more last weekend than he has in the entire last month. Cute picture!