Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Last weekend was a good weekend to be Bulldog fan. The Fresno State football team is famous for being successful enough to have its fans to the point where they can think of little else... and then to take it all away from you and break your heart. With the exception of one game this year thus far, that has not happened. So a group of us headed down to Pasadena and the Rose Bowl this past weekend (The Minnicks let us jump in with them) to catch the Bulldog vs Bruin game. On the way into the stadium, I overheard a crazy UCLA fan, amazed at the number of fans at their home stadium wearing red say, "who are these people?" When her husband responded, "They must all be Fresno State fans", she then asks, "Where the heck is Fresno?" Her husband then replies, "I think it is in California". What? I had to shake my head.

Nevertheless, our hopes were high, the Fresno State fans were out in force and the weather was a hot 96 degrees. There were actually close to 20,000 Fresno State fans, making it almost feel like a home game.

Matt was so excited, he couldn't keep his mouth closed.

Kelly and Julio got the most die hard fan award for bringing baby Lucy with them to the game. Julio had a great time with Lucy (mostly outside of the stadium to keep her happy) throughout the game.

Here are some big fat guys with really hairy backs that were sitting in front of us. I admire their courage and yes, sadly I can relate.

Final score: Fresno State 36, UCLA 31. Bet that crazy UCLA fan knows where Fresno is from now!

Doug, Rick and Michelle, what can I say? You gave it your best, you really did. Sometimes your best is just not good enough.


Kelly said...

It was a lot of fun. My favorite part was when the big fat hairy guy turned around and asked for sunscreen and someone to apply it for him. So tempting. I just about threw up in my mouth.

Jeremy said...

Oh come on, you were a little tempted.

Michelle said...

Okay, I'm sorry i wasn't there. I'm pretty sure if I was, the Bruins would have won. I know Mark represented the Bruins well, but they needed more support...specifically from me. Enjoy your victory while it lasts!!!!

Jeremy said...

Michelle- I never would have thought that one fan had so much power!

Pollock Family said...

You can relate to having a hairy back! Ewww! (just kidding) How fun, I LOVE Fresno State games!