Sunday, February 1, 2009

No Moon, No Wind on the Titanic

We have been waiting almost 4 months for this night - the night we got to see our nephew, Zach star in Titanic the theater production put on by our local high school. Zach got to play the part of Frederick Fleet - the guy that spots the ice berg. He's been prepping for months, learning lines, memorizing the words to his solo and going to rehearsal after rehearsal. Finally - it is time to shine!!

Here's a shot of the entire cast at the beginning of the show. Zach is on the top row - start at the steering wheel and count to the left - he's the 5th guy over, black hat, black coat.

Here's his big solo. It's broken up into 2 parts. He's standing up on the 2nd story of the theater in a doorway that opens to the nothingness below. He's supposed to be high above the ship in the crow's nest.

My favorite part is his most enthusiastic line at the end of the video. You really feel like you're in the moment...

Here he is with the Titanic survivors at the end of the show.

What a solemn crowd they were.

Here he is after the show with his proud parents. His costume was so cool - the hat, the scarf, the pea coat. Love it! Where can we get a hat like that?

Way to go Zach. You did great and we are so proud of you for sharing your talents with the world.


kelly said...

Everytime I drive by the Met I want to see that show! Now I've at least seen a wee bit, thanks!

Kelly said...

Where's "the kiss" picture?

jennifer said...

kelly amanda, check out the big scene here:

i could not humiliate him on the blog. but for some reason you tube was ok?