Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You know it's time to go to the grocery store when you run out of....

Neslte Quick

(Notice how I didn't mention any fruits or veggies? I guess we like to eat the opposite of the Atkins diet around here. High carb, low protien.)

What food does your family need to survive?


Krissy said...

All of the above as well as, mac-n-cheese, chicken noodle soup & pop tarts.

Older and Wisor said...

Fruit snacks - you forgot fruit snacks!

And koolaid, even though this momma buys the sugar free walmart generic kind (a bit less guilt).

And granola bars (I guess just as bad as candy bars, but again with the less guilt thing).

The Faridoni Fam said...

Gotta have the ready to bake cookie dough in the fridge at all times...used the last up last night. So I guess I need to head to the store soon too.

Rachel said...

string cheese too!

(And don't forget a healthy supply of Dove dark chocolate!) :-)

Michelle said... absolute necessities include...yogurt, tortillas, refried beans, apples, diet Coke, and sugar snap peas. The rest...I think I could live without.

Wynn Family said...

Cheese, bananas, peanut butter, stuff to make salsa and popcorn!!!!

Sapp Family said...

Ceral and milk. It's good anytime of the day or night. Plus some type of chocolate with carmel hidden for mom.

Jacinda said...

apple juice, yogurt, bread, and bananas. ~Your blog is so cute. and I love the song. :)