Monday, February 9, 2009

PineWood Derby 2009

Pinewood Derby is one of the boy's most favorite times of the year. They love getting crafty with mom and dad - and then getting to compete in a big race! Here's the breakdown of our family car-making: Trevor and Logan choose a design, Jennifer draws the car profile on the block, Jeremy cuts the form, Trevor and Logan sand it down, Jennifer paints the design, Jeremy assembles and makes sure the weights are just right. We all get to have fun working together. That may be my favorite part of the whole ordeal.

Here's Trevor's car... black with lightning bolts.

Logan also wanted lightning bolts, but with a red background. Logan doesn't officially become a scout until May, but siblings are welcome to compete at this Pinewood Derby.

Here's the track we use every year. Sister Moon and Sister Edwardson were great about setting everything up for the boys. They had a "PitStop" complete with glue guns, extra weights and coins. It was perfect for when the kids needed a quick repair to their cars.

These boys were so excited they could hardly contain themselves!!

Here's Trevor with Brother Moon - he runs the whole show and the boys love him.
Thanks for another fun year - good work Trevor!

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Krissy said...

Wow! You're good to be up so early posting on your blog. Looks like a good time. I'm nervous when I have to do it. I have no creativity.