Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Love, it seems like only ye-ster-day..."

Prepping for Valentine's Day was so much fun! - cutting out paper hearts, buying candy and more candy, and making handmade valentines for all the kids.

Here's the centerpiece for the kitchen table.

Hanging paper hearts from the chandelier put us in the mood.

Simple touches like heart garland from the dollar store make me so happy.

The kids felt like it was a party all day long. I hope they all felt special and loved. They were a little kinder, a little more helpful and there was little to no crying. Imagine that! I HEART Valentine's Day.

Bonus Question: The title of this post comes from what Disney movie?


kelly said...

you always do it up for all the holidays, I've got to remember how cute and simple it would be to decorate my chandelier. I love your home Jennifer!

Andy, Beth and Jennah, too! said...

Jennifer!... I was snooping around and found your blog... TOO CUTE you and your family are!... Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Kristin said...

Pretty table, and I love your hanging hearts, too. Glad you had a happy day!

Older and Wisor said...

What a fun Mom.

And I totally had to the rest of the line in my head when I read the title...."It seems like only yesterday..." It's from a Wisor house staple (with Brendan's animal obsession and all): Robin Hood. What do I win???