Sunday, February 15, 2009

we've gotta BOLT

Last Monday was a holiday for the kids and Jeremy from school. We spent most of the day out at Valley Children’s Hospital getting Lizzie’s foot put in a cast. It worked out just right because we had planned to take the kids to a movie and we got out of the hospital just in time for the 5PM showing.

Our kids have been dy-ying to see Bolt. And hallelujah! - it just moved over to the $3 theater! Can I give another shout out to the $3 theater?! We love that place!

So, to be totally honest, I was more engrossed in my super-buttery movie theater popcorn, passing out food to the hungry kids and chasing Jackson around to actually pay attention to the movie. I may have fallen asleep a couple of times too.... woops! (I only know 2 other people that do that - fall asleep in the movie I mean - Julio and Karen, my mother-in-law. I guess now I can count myself into that group!)

So, I guess it was not the greatest. A rental, for sure. But for $3 a ticket it was totally worth it. Have you seen it?

We'll give it 3 super-barks out of 5.


Krissy said...

I took the kids to see it over Christmas break. We all loved it. It probably makes a difference when you're actually able to pay attention to the movie. I'm so glad I'm out of the "chase the kid around the theater" stage.

Kristen said...

We just took the kids to see it last night. It was pretty cute. We only paid $2 a ticket though. That does always make the movie better.

kelly said...

We are going to take the kids to see either Bolt or The tale of Despereux, still not sure which one, maybe we'll put it to a vote.

Maree said...

Where is the $3 theater? I wish we had one of those! My kids still think I'm awful because we haven't seen Bolt yet.