Monday, February 16, 2009

It was a group date on Valentine's

Valentine's Day evening was so great! Jeremy surprised me with some beautiful white roses and then we were off! There were 12 of us that met for dinner at Claim Jumper.

We were there,

Rick and Michelle,
Kari and Robb,

Katrina & Louis,

Aimee and Matt,

and Jared and Elizabeth.

Jeremy and I always split this dish - it is so delicious. It's called the Black Tie Pasta. Yum!

Robb was super hungry. He got a full rack of ribs and a second platter for the rest of his meal. My favorite was when he asked for a doggie bag to take all the bones home to his dog.

Matt could not be out done by Robb - so he ordered the same thing. Not to worry, I don't think either one finished the whole plate themselves.

Michelle and Rick ordered this most beautiful lemon square for dessert. That presentation was fabulous!
Kari and Robb ordered this monster dessert called "I Declair". It's an eclair the size of a football and it was also de-lish.

Don't worry...we all helped him eat this dessert. It was so tasty!
After dinner we headed over to Laser Quest for a rousing round of laser tag. It was a blast. We were definitely the oldest crowd there, but it was still so much fun. We haven't done anything like that for ages and I'm sure we'll go back soon. We walked out of the arena and Jared said, "When are we coming back?!" He was even trying to make plans to return as we were leaving the place. And here's a bonus... I beat all the guys! Even Jeremy - who has slaughtered me at laser tag in the past. Wow that feels good to win. Can I gloat just a little bit longer? Ahhh. Winning is great.

Jeremy and I were stuffed from our dinner so we did not order dessert at the restaurant. We let our food settle while we lasered it up and then opted for some ice cream at Cold Stone.
It was a fun night of friends and food. So, what did you do? We'll need ideas for next year...


haley said...

We also frequent laser tag. It is great fun. I am always close to the last score but it's fun to run around and pretend we are not so old!

kelly said...

Well, Friday night we went to Daily Grill out on Palm and Nees (I think)and we split filet mignon and broiled salmon and we each got dessert, carrott cake and brownie and ice cream, which we split and had to take home, and then we went and saw Twilight at the $3 theater. Tyler had never seen it before and he liked it ok. The next day, actually Valentine's day we took the kids to John's Incredible Pizza. Not real original, but it was very fun.

Kristie said...

That post made me hungry!!! I love Claim Jumper.

Anonymous said...

i always get the black tie pasta! it is soooooo good! and i just told my jeremy that i want to go to laser tag soon!