Tuesday, February 17, 2009

what up, cuz?

Well, we did it. We went to Thomas and Amy's apartment last night to show off baby Bella to our kids. They have been waiting and waiting to see her and it was all finally worth all that waiting. The kids were so full of awe when they saw her for the first time - it was such a precious moment.
They haven't seen a brand new baby like that since baby Lucy was born and that was almost 8 months ago. Thus, Jackson was thoroughly confused. He kept calling her Lucy instead of Bella. When he did say Bella it was so dang cute, "Bennuh" - he can't quite say those "l's" yet.

Bella's face looks like she might be in a bit of pain here, but really she was just sleeping. Check out her cute outfit! Raspberry striped hoodie coverall with the cutest matching shoes lined with soft fuzzy fur! Look closely and you can see her binky bling. It's clipped to her top and looks like a fancy jeweled bracelet. Oh, yeah, it was awesome.

The kids all got a turn to hold the baby. Logan was first.

Then Lizzie. These 2 girls are going to have to stick together for awhile - they are the only 2 girls cousins on the Duran side so far.
Trevor was last. He bashfully accepted his turn, but we could all see that he really wanted to hold her.
They all thought she was the sweetest thing ever.

I thought these shoes were pretty dang sweet as well! This girl is going to have the BEST shoe collection.

While we were there we figured out how many years it would be until Trevor and Logan would be old enough to babysit Bella. Only 3 years for Trevor and about 4ish for Logan. It blows my mind sometimes to think how old our children are - especially when looking at baby Bella and remembering that our kids used to be that small. Time really does fly as they grow up so fast.


Luke and Nat said...

Hey party girl! You don't seem to be out of creative ideas for your kids or yw, but I saw this segment on local Studio 5 and so I went to the web for all the details...they just had tons of fun slumber party ideas and some of them seemed really cool for yw too! :) I thought of you and your creativity when I was watching!

Luke and Nat said...

Sorry, the link is kinda helpful eh? Scroll down to "Activities"...so fun!