Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pet Store here we come!

Today was a big adventure day for Joy School. We've been studying ocean life and the letter S this week. And today was the day we got to go to the store and check out some of those animals in person - er... fish!

These kids loved checking out the fish and all the other animals in the store. It was like watching a pin ball game the way they bounced back and forth between the displays. And Jackson was there too, which made things even more interesting. (Mmm-hm. You know what he's like.) My favorite part of the outing was when walking out the door the kids all spied the "cookies" by the register. They all begged and begged for one of these most beautifully iced cookies until the lady told them, "Those are not for kids. They are for DOGS!" Whew! That curbed their interest instantly!

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Wynn Family said...

So with your Joy School are you adding preschool stuff yourself, letters, ect. or are you doing the preschool ready part of joy school. I am doing joy school with Alexis this year, and I'm recruiting for next year with Kyle. I love Joy school!!!