Friday, January 30, 2009

Boggs Babes, Babies & Booty!

The Boggs girls got together at our house to shower Amy before little baby Bella arrives. She's due in 2 weeks!!

All the ladies helped out with dinner - we dined on delicious salads, bread, and pink punch! Pink for baby girls!! Amy scored with all kinds of hand made baby blankets, cute bows, diapers galore and cute cute clothes. Now we just need a baby to put all these items to good use.

Here are all the ladies that were there.

Melody & Amy/guest of honor - my 2 pregnant sister in laws!

Ashley & Claudia

My mama & sista Mica with fuchi face

Suzanne, Caralee & Allyson

Chelsy & Gma Boggs

Lori & Byron

Jenn and her 2 girls Lydia & Cambria

Hey, that's me! with Jackson crazy man and Lizzie intense smile

The whole group.

It was a great night of family and fun. Thanks everyone for coming and making it such a special time for Amy.

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