Monday, January 19, 2009

Do you tint?

Years ago someone introduced us to these Crayola bathtub tints. They are so cool! Our kids are not into the bubble baths so much because they get bubbles in their eyes, then there's screaming, and the crying - bubbles are just not worth it for us. So these Color Dotz are a good replacement for bubbles. The kids love to take a bath in colored water. I also love that they can learn about colors: red + blue = purple!

Here's Logan in his aqua blue bath (2 blue and one yellow tablet). Doesn't that water look so refreshing?

Lizzie loves the red color - it's actually more hot pink than red.

The only uncool thing about these babies is the yellow tablet. It looks a little strange taking a "yellow bath". Hmmmm.... someone should have thought that one through a little better.

Do not worry, they will not stain your tub or floor. The water goes right down the drain and the tub doesn't even need to be rinsed out! You can find these Crayola Color Dotz near the bubble bath and bath salts at Walmart or Target type stores.

Does anyone else use these things?


Anonymous said...

I dont use these, but I think I will try it! Will would love it!

Joanna said...

Jennifer- we've never used these, but my girls are a total fan of glow sticks. We've been letting the girls have a glow-in-the-dark-bath as a special treat for over a year now, you can see pictures at
We buy the sticks at the dollar tree and then when we're done with the bath we toss them in the freezer (they'll freeze, and then you crack 'em open for the next bath)

mary gendron said...

thanks....we'll definitely be trying these out!

Michelle said...

I have never used those because I always assumed they'd tint their skin too, hence completely defeating the purpose of the bath...but your kids don't look tinted. Maybe I'll try it!

kelly said...

I think I will now!