Friday, January 16, 2009

The eyes of a child

It is amazing to me how our children do NOT have brown eyes. I was so sure that my dominant brown eyes would carry through to them, but they didn't! They are all so unique and beautiful - I love looking at them whenever I can get them to hold still for 2 seconds. I especially love to look at the kids' eyes when we are out in the sunlight - they just look so clear and perfect!

Trevor's are hazel, but varying in color. You can see the outside edge is almost green and the iris has a rusty brown ring around it. They are also freckled a bit. There is a rainbow of colors in there!

Logan's are also hazel. His are the lightest of the bunch - and the most consistent in color. Not so much variation as Trevor's. His are the closest to Jeremy's golden hazel color. (Did I almost just say, "Liquid topaz"??!)

Lizzie and Trevor have a similar trend. She also has the greenish around the edges with the darker rusty brown surrounding the iris. Hers are darker than his though. I just love the multi-colored eye.

And now for Jackson. Mr. Wild Card himself. Where the BLUE eyes came from we do not know. Jeremy swears that recessive=recessive no matter if your recessive gene is green, blue or hazel. So somehow, my mom's green eyed recessive gene and Jeremy's Ward family recessive gene carried on through to give Jackson boy these gunmetal gray blues. They are definitely blue too.

So to tally things up for you - our family has:
4 - hazel
1 - brown
1 - blue

I love our family's rainbow of eye colors. They are as unique as the children themselves.


Older and Wisor said...

So pretty. Our kids are (got a pen?) blue, blue, blue, blue and blue. All different shades I suppose, but certainly not as interesting.

whittakerwoman said...

That is amazing! I want fun color eyes! I love it! H

Kristie said...

I'm laughing out loud at the "liquid topaz" comment! HAHAHAHA!