Monday, January 12, 2009

Lizzie the Gymnast

Lizzie took dance lessons at a place that also offers gymnastics. She would ogle the gymnasts every time we went for a dance lesson. So after one semester of dance she decided she was done and wanted to try gymnastics. (I have to say that I'm glad she chose gymnastics because after her first day I realized there are still so many things this girl needs to learn - somersaults for one and cartwheels the other. What girl does not know how to do a somersault?! I guess Lizzie.)

Here she is on the balance beam.

The picture is not so great because she was running, but she's just about to vault.

Enjoy 2 short videos of her fabulous gymnastics.

Floor Exercises:

The Bars:

She's had 2 lesson so far and is loving it! She has so much energy and is very enthusiastic the entire time we're there. While she waits for her turn with the teacher at each station she literally jumps the whole time. She stays in one spot just bouncing away because she's so excited to be there. She has also taken a serious nap after both lessons. Lizzie is WIPED OUT by the time her hour is up.

I just have to say one more time that I am LOVING having a girly girl around this house. She is too much fun!


Rachel said...

So cute, Jennifer! I took gymnastics for a while as a kid and loved it too. Lizzie is darling, as are the rest of your kids. Just a beautiful family!

Pollock Family said...

So cute! I remember not being good at gymnastics, but I loved it still the same:)

kelly said...

She looks like a little gymnast!

Amy said...

Too cute. I always wanted to do gymnastics but I was always in dance.

Rachel said...

By the way, I LOVE your playlist! I snagged most of your list to put on mine too! Thanks! :-)

caraleewaddell said...

I loved watching her little videos, how cute! Oh and is that Jackson whining in the background?? Too funny!

whittakerwoman said...

My girls NEED to do this! She is so cute! H

Older and Wisor said...

I second that...the Phillips girls SUCK at gymnastics. Dancing came along later and was a much better fit. Oh,and here's another little something you might want to use for preschool: