Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cheap Couples Date Night #1

Someone had the bright idea a couple of months ago to do a couples date night with the one limitation that the cost could not exceed $10.00 per couple. Cheap couples date night was born. The Christopherson's agreed to host the first couples date night this past weekend with a "iron chef" theme. For our version they decided to pit the girls versus the guys- the guys in our house and the girls next door at the Stoph's.

Like the show, we had a limited time element to create and cook our master piece using a couple of randomly chosen ingredients.

Both guys and girls had to use chicken and cinnamon as the unique ingredient to craft their masterpiece. The guys made this exquisite hot crab dip with pecan crusted chicken, fresh cheese biscuits, cauliflower casserole (southern style) and creme broule. Impressive I know. Robb was truly in his element- bossing everyone around like he was the head chef. Greg's contribution was the Country Time Lemonade.

The girls made these oily sandwiches, gravy soup with some funky dip and some day old lookin cake.

I know your thinking that cake below looks pretty good. Sometimes presentation isn't everything, it's the only thing- literally.

Mom and Dad agreed to be the "impartial" judges. After a long period of deliberation they came back with the verdict.

Like always, the guys never get a fair break. Yep, that's right- they voted for the girls version of "food".

Oh well. Great time and a good way to spend $10.00.


Robb said...


Jeremy said...

all i have to say is our panini was cotton pickin' awesome! bacon always wins baby! and that brie appetizer we WILL have again. it was so good. i'm sure we won fair and square - no question.

jennifer said...

woops! that was me, jennifer, not jeremy that made the last comment. dangit! i always do that. sorry babe.

Kristin said...

I enjoyed Jeremy's video. Very brave of him to jump into the ring of fire to video the girls (the competition) in the middle of cooking. :)

Kristen said...

What a cute idea! I read posts like this and wish that I lived closer to partcipate.

mary gendron said...

What a fun idea! Love the theme music!

award said...

The girls food was VASTLY superior to the boys. "After the coating, it was just chicken." Words to lose by, boys!

kelly said...

I love it! How fun. I think you all did awesome!