Sunday, November 16, 2008

Welcome home, cuz

This handsome young man is my cousin, Andres. He came home from his mission last week. He served 2 years in Nicaragua and had some good stories to tell.

His family hosted an open house at their restaurant. It was great to see him again and to visit with all the family that came to welcome him home. All I know is I've never seen his mama so happy. She was so thrilled to have her baby home.

He was very near the coast in one of the areas he served in. He had some beautiful pictures of the bay and of his rustic apartment. The gas stove was literally hooked up to a propane tank that sat right next to it. And some of the wildlife he encountered was nothing we've ever experienced here - even at the zoo!

And we all know that he worked hard. We could tell by the condition of his Dr. Marten's shoes. They were worn completely down through the sole! How does anyone wear out a pair of those most sturdily made shoes?!

Good job, Andres. You helped touch so many peoples' lives and helped to change them for the better. We are so proud of you! You set a great example to your own siblings and to the rest of the family.

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The Givens said...

omg he went to sierra high when i was there. He was the guy that me and my friends oogled from afar. We all thought he was soo hot. How funny that he is your cousin. That is awesome that he went on a mission.