Friday, November 21, 2008

Complain and ye shall recieve...

So our TV died and I did a post about that unfortunate event leaving us with only 1 TV in the entire house. Click here to read the post and all the comments (14 comments! That was a record for us!).

Our now loaner tv only plays DVDs, but hey, that counts right?. My dad heard about our yard sale and was sad he didn't get a chance to put out his old TVs that have been living in his garage. Logan, Lizzie and Trevor got wind of "extra tvs" and immediately asked if they could have them. Jeremy and I exchanged a knowing glance about how we feel about TV in kids' bedrooms. Michelle was sitting next to us at the time and said that her boys have a TV in their room and that sealed the deal for Jeremy. If the "Jones's" are doing it then so must we!

Now here's an update on our TV count in the house.
1. Jeremy and Jennifer's bedroom - DVDs only
2. Trevor and Logan's room - local channels only
3. Lizzie's room - black and white, change channels by hand crank
4. The downstairs plasma TV - a.k.a. 5th child

We've never had this many TVs in our lives! But do not fear, all this madness will change come February when TV programming goes digital.

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Michelle said...

I had no idea that my opinion would coung! Now you've totally outdone us. Our kids have nothing but dvd capability in their room and the girls don't have a t.v. at all! Congratulations, you win!