Thursday, November 6, 2008

Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays!

Sunday night we celebrated the October Birthdays in our family. Mine, Amy's and Timmy's. We dined on some fabulous food: Black Bean and Sausage Soup, Pear and Greens Salad, Focaccia Bread, Cheesecake with chocolate sauce and/or strawberries, Jello Cake, and Caralee brought a homemade Apple Pie! Yum. We all left stuffed and happy.

(The kids love to blow out my candles. This time was no different - there they go again!)

Check out Amy's pregnant belly - I love it!!


Pollock Family said...

Happy Birthday! I want banjo music at my birthday!

caraleewaddell said...

What a great party that was! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Happy Late Bday Jen! You look great!