Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tagged by Laura & Melody!

Laura & Melody both tagged me with this same tag within the space of a few days. This one must be flying through our little blogosphere like wildfire. I'm to give 7 random facts about myself. I don't know if there are 7, but I'll sure try! Here goes...

Factoid #1:
Most people might find this first claim strange, but here it is and it's the truth! I LOVED JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL. It was a great 2 years. I had a great group of friends, mostly members of our church, and I loved feeling more independent. I don't know where that confidence came from... maybe from my Grandma DeeDee always calling me her "Miss America."

Factoid #2:
I've NEVER dyed my hair. EVER. While in my teen years there were the occasional lemon juice or peroxide attempts to get some natural looking blond highlights, but who knows if that ever actually worked. Besides that my hair has never been any other color. My reasons: I like my natural color just fine thank you very much, I'm afraid of choosing a bad color and making a mistake, and I'm cheap!

Factoid #3:
Coloring with a brand new box of Crayola markers is one of my most favorite things to do.

Factoid #4:
I've never mowed the yard. Although, I did use the edger. That was one of my jobs growing up, but never the mower.

Factoid #5:
I must be thinking a lot about my past because here's another one... When I was in high school or maybe it was junior high - can't remember - I got my brother Thomas in big trouble! He got home from school just a few minutes before me and thought it'd be fun to lock me out of the house. I was not amused and started banging on the window so he'd let me in already. I must have been pretty worked up because low and behold I hit the window a little to hard, my hand went right through it and shattered the glass into the kitchen sink and all over the porch! Mom and Dad came home, got the full story (my version of course) and Thomas was busted. He had to pay for the window and everything.

Factoid #6:
I can roll my tongue like a taco and a shamrock. (Oh yes I can Jeremy!)

Factoid #7:
I pop my knuckles, back, neck, shoulders, knees, toes, ankles, elbows, and wrists all the time. It's such a bad nervous habit, but I'm addicted! If I've been sitting or laying down too long all I have to do is move 2 inches and my back will pop all on it's own.

Stacy O.

Sue A.


Amy said...

#1: Thomas shouldn't have locked you out of the else were you supposed to get in? (he is rolling his eyes and saying "whatever, you guys just can't take a good joke" right now)
#2: Thomas says you are a punk for never mowing the yard. I think he's a little bitter. I never have done it before either. :)

Melody said...

(After reading Amy's comments to Marcos) Marcos says, "put me down for the bitter #2 comment."

Anonymous said...

1. i still wish i was 21 because it was my golden year
2. i can't fall asleep if my feet are cold
3. i got a long-term subbing job at garfield elementary, teaching the deaf/hard of hearing grades 4-6 till february
4. it's hard to get myself to clean the house, but once i start, there's no stopping!
5. i have good and bad anxiety about the holidays.
6. this is the earliest i've listened to christmas music
7. i have huge baby envy =)

jennifer said...

janice, i'm with you. i also have good and bad anxiety about the holidays. i always want them to go just right, but it's too much to expect that. but the anticipation is always so much fun!