Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Photogenic? Not us!

All I wanted was a new picture for our blog banner, and this is what we got. (Thank you Matt for putting up with our unruly crew!) There were about 30 photos to choose from - all the same pose so it wouldn't be difficult moving so many bodies around. Do not be surprised when I tell you.... these were the GOOD pictures!

Does anyone else have this much trouble taking a family picture???


kelly said...

More, those are all actually pretty good!

Kristie said...

For the most part, Haylie refuses to smile for the camera - especially if someone other than me or Eric is taking the picture. NOT easy getting a decent family picture. Notice our blog banner? She's not smiling.

Wacky Wild Wisor Style said...

I don't like any of them...nobody's got a finger up their nose! Every year on our xmas card I take individual squares and then make a collage, since I never have a good photo of more than two kids together. I've just given up! I think the end result for the "Ward's World" banner looks perfect ;)