Friday, September 12, 2008

Soccer Logan (and Carter)

Logie man started soccer this week. He is so excited to have his own thang. (Trevor opted out of soccer this year in favor of cross country.) He gets to be on the same team as his best buddy Carter. There is also another kid from our ward on the team, Mason, but we didn't get a picture with him last night. These 2 boys have a lot in common. They both love soccer/kicking things, they both have the "no fear" gene which makes them risk takers, and they both LOVE chips!

Logan is an adventure seeker. So when he plays soccer - it is not just soccer - it is full body soccer. He dives, he rolls and he slides whenever possible. It is quite entertaining to watch. He is on the ground more than he is running. Why does he do this? Don't know. He hustles though, and the coaches notice that. He has always been a pleaser and will not disappoint them. We're looking forward to a fun soccer season! Goooo Team! (What was their team name again? I can't remember anything!)

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Michelle said...

I can't wait for their first game. Logan's antics will definitely not disappoint!!!