Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jackson, Jackson, Jackson...

Jackson was up to his same 2-year-old shenanigans yesterday...

1. He decided it would be super fun to swing a real baseball bat at whatever/whoever crossed his path. He was finally stopped when he hit the window (it did not break, thank Heavens!) and scared the ladies sitting in my family room.

2. Jackson loves to play with the keys. He pushes a chair up to the counter and helps himself to all our important keys - car keys, house keys, pool keys, gate keys - yes, keys we use and need! He thought it would be fun to play car keys. So he got the appropriate keys for the van and truck (How does he know which is which? I don't know - he's just a smart little cookie I guess.) I heard what he was doing and figured I'd rescue the keys in a few minutes and let him have his fun for the time being. When he came back in there was only one set of keys. Uh-oh.
"Jackson where are the truck keys?" I asked.
"In - nere," he replies.
"In there?" I ask.
"In - nere," he confirms.
We walk out to the truck and he points to the grill on the front of the car, "In - nere." Good gracious! How was I supposed to retrieve a key he stuck into the front of the car?! And how was I to be sure the key was actually in there? Was he was telling the truth? Well, I popped the hood (Jeremy was shocked that I knew how to do this. Thanks for your confidence sweetie.) and peered down towards the bottom. Ha! there is was! It was too far down in a space too tight for my arm to squeak through. I remembered that Jeremy has this cool extendable magnet stick thing and that's what we used to get the key out.

I was totally proud of myself for the genius solution I came up with for retrieving the key. Now I just need a genius place to store the keys so it doesn't happen again!


Maree said...

LOVE IT!! I remember when Toph earned the nickname, "the great re-locater." He used to use/misplace everything he touched. Once it was ONE of Hannah's shoes. He hid it so well that I didn't find it for 9 months! And by then, it didn't fit...

On the key hiding--I'd say up HIGH. Good luck with that, because my kids are part monkey, so that wouldn't stop them.

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

It's not a small world - it's Clovis! I haven't talked to her FOREVER...she's a MOM now?? MAN is she old!HAHA Give her my link and apologize for me not getting her written permission before posting the photos :)

Brock said...

Have you considered, a fire proof lockable safe?... but then I guess there would be a key for that too!! Hang in there!